September 2001

The Specialist
Database News You Can UseSeptember 2001
A monthly newsletter for Oracle users
from Database Specialists, a consulting firm
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In this issue:

Database Specialists, Inc. Joins List of Fastest-Growing Companies

Database Specialists, Inc. has entered the Top 150 Fastest-Growing Private Companies as listed in the September 21, 2001 edition of the San Francisco Business Times. This list, compiled annually, spotlights privately held Bay Area companies. Database Specialists, Inc. ranked number 86 on the list, which includes companies such as Cellular Warehouse, and Jamba Juice.

Roger Schrag, president of Database Specialists stated, “Our mission has been to provide customers with outstanding support and to employ the best consultants in the industry. We have our satisfied customers and dedicated employees to thank for allowing us to grow and prosper. Our focus is to be the leading independent Oracle consulting firm in the greater Bay Area. We’ve done that by providing senior-level expertise and concentrating on Oracle technology. Our reputation is built by the integrity, knowledge, and commitment of our entire team.”

Statspack – An Indispensable Tuning Tool

At a recent in-house DBA Roundtable, Database Specialists’ senior Oracle DBA Ian Jones gave an informative presentation on practical uses for Statspack. Statspack is integrated into the Oracle 8i and Oracle 9i database, both Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition. Many Oracle DBAs now are using Statspack in place of utlbstat and utlestat because it collects more information and stores the data in Oracle tables, which can later be used for reporting and analysis.

Ian gave a listing of Statspack resources to check out, including the books, “Expert One-on-one Oracle” by Thomas Kyte and “High Performance Tuning with Statspack” by Donald K. Burleson.

There is also an article called “Diagnosing Performance with Statspack” from Oracle Magazine available at

TOra – Freeware for Development

DBAs and developers alike have come to rely on specialized tools to increase productivity when working with Oracle. One of these helpful tools is a GUI interface that allows for faster PL/SQL development. Many of you already know about and use TOAD from Quest Software. However, TOAD only runs in a Windows environment.

For those of you using Linux, we’d like to point out an alternative. TOra (Toolkit for Oracle) features tools including a SQL worksheet with PL/SQL block parsing, PL/SQL debugger and editor with syntax highlighting, and Schema browser, just to name a few.

You can find both the Linux and the Windows versions available for free download at,0,0-0-0&timeout=3&tag=srch&qt=tora&cn=&ca=0.

A Sure-Fire Way to Win in Las Vegas

Want a sure-fire way to win in Las Vegas? There’s no better way to come away a winner than to attend the next IOUG-A University Master Classes held in Las Vegas next month (October 14-16 and October 16-18).

Taught by master Oracle users, these seminars are the Oracle professional’s best bet for getting practical tips and techniques on the most critical aspects of Oracle database and development technology. As a result of attending, you’ll come out ahead of the game. You’ll return to work with new skills and knowledge that will make you immediately more efficient and effective.

Database Specialists’ president Roger Schrag is an instructor for the iDBA track. Don’t miss a great learning opportunity. 

Fill Your DBA Toolbox

A comprehensive toolbox is important for every DBA. We recently found a site called DBAToolbox that provides a compilation of resources of interest to DBAs, from junior to senior-levels. See for yourself at

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