September 2000

The Specialist
Database News You Can UseSeptember 2000
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from Database Specialists, a consulting firm
specializing in Oracle technology
In this issue:

New Resource: White Paper on Tuning SQL

Looking for ways to improve application performance? Check out the new white paper from Database Specialists entitled, “Use EXPLAIN PLAN and TKPROF To Tune Your Applications.” It provides an overview of the EXPLAIN PLAN and TKPROF functions built into the Oracle database server and explains how developers and DBAs can use these tools to get the best performance out of their applications. To learn how to invoke these tools and how to read and interpret Oracle execution plans and TKPROF reports.

Database Specialists President to Participate in Internet DBA Expert Panel at Oracle OpenWorld

Sharing knowledge is one of the cornerstones of our business at Database Specialists. We are honored to be invited to participate in the special “IOUG-A Forum: Experts, Answers, Education” taking place at Oracle OpenWorld on Friday, October 6. Database Specialists’ president Roger Schrag, along with three other respected experts in the Internet DBA arena, will answer questions from the audience and share real-life experience. If you’re going to OpenWorld, we’d love to see you there! Read more about this and all the other OpenWorld happenings at

Oracle interMedia: Feature Overview

At our September Database Specialists team DBA Roundtable, consultant Jay Stanley presented an overview of Oracle 8i interMedia. This feature allows you to linguistically analyze and index documents in various formats. Once indexed by interMedia, documents can be searched based on theme or word content using ordinary SQL syntax. Although Oracle has attached several names to this feature throughout the years, its current version is comprised of several rich content management services for handling text, audio, video, image, and geographic location information.

Database Specialists’ clients use the text management service of interMedia in order to search a database of web content for keywords selected by the end user. For more information on this feature of Oracle 8i, visit

Welcome to Our Newest Clients: Mediaplex and Switchouse

We are excited to be working with Mediaplex, a leading advertising technology company that delivers online, real-time advertising. What are we doing for Mediaplex? We are upgrading their Oracle Applications system and migrating it to a more powerful server. Learn more about Mediaplex at

We are also proud to introduce Switchouse as new client. Switchouse facilitates consumer-to-consumer exchange and allows users to swap, buy and sell online countless numbers of items from CDs to PDAs. For more details, check out

Database Specialists, Inc. is helping Switchouse enhance custom applications and develop and deploy a data warehouse.

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