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IOUG Day at OracleWorld

If you are planning to attend OracleWorld this November in San Francisco, don’t miss the IOUG Day, which kicks off the conference on Sunday, November 10. The International Oracle Users Group (IOUG) will hold concurrent user expert panels on a variety of topics. Each panel consists of IOUG members who are seasoned Oracle professionals. They’ll answer your questions and share their real-world experience that can save you time and money back on the job.

Database Specialists is pleased that its president and CTO, Roger Schrag, was invited to participate on the Database Administration panel along with a group of well-respected Oracle experts. For more information about the IOUG Day at OracleWorld, check out http://www.oracle.com/oracleworld/sanfrancisco/conference/index.html?ioug.html.
NoCOUG Conference in San Francisco

The Northern California Oracle Users Group (NoCOUG) Fall Conference will be held on Thursday, November 21, 2002 at Pacific Gas and Electric headquarters in downtown San Francisco. There will be parallel sessions on the topics of database administration, application development, and data warehousing. Ian Jones, Senior Consultant at Database Specialists, will lead an advanced DBA session entitled: “Using Statspack in Oracle8i and 9i to Identify Problems.” The presentation will provided an overview of:

  • The Oracle-provided Statspack utility
  • How to identify performance problems and understand performance bottlenecks
  • How to install Statspack, and collect and analyze data
  • Real-world situations where use of Statspack led to timely solutions

If time allows, Ian will use Statspack to illustrate some of the new Oracle9i features.

NoCOUG conferences run a full day in length and are packed with education and networking opportunities. For information on the Fall Conference schedule, directions, and registration information, visit http://www.nocoug.org/next.html.
Oracle on Linux Resources

If you are using, or plan to use, Oracle on Linux, don’t miss Mark Wagner’s Oracle on Linux website at http://www.oralinux.org. It’s full of information and links on the subject ranging from install documents and scripts to perl, PL/SQL, tuning, and backups. In addition, you can find a detailed guide to installing and configuring Oracle on the Linux platform by Roger Schrag of Database Specialists. You can view Roger’s white paper at http://dbspecialists.wpengine.com/presentations.html#817onlinux.

Data Modeling for the Data Warehouse

W. H. Inmon’s latest article in DBAzine.com delves into data modeling for the data warehouse. Inmon writes, “In order to be effective, data warehouse developers need to show tangible results quickly. At the same time, in order to build a data warehouse properly, you need a data model. And everyone knows that data models take huge amounts of time to build. How then can you say in the same breath that a data model is needed in order to build a data warehouse and that a data warehouse should be built quickly? Aren’t those two statements completely contradictory?”

Inmon goes on to provide some very interesting answers and explanations on this subject.
Remote Database Administration from Database Specialists


Database Specialists offers a remote database administration service called DBA Pro. DBA Pro is a cost effective and customizable service designed for maintaining reliability, availability, and peak performance for your Oracle databases. The service offers real time 24×7 database monitoring, proactive database reviews, maintenance recommendations and alert notifications ranked by severity. In addition, we provide you with a suite of reports that are accessible 24×7 via our Performance Portal. These include capacity planning, performance tracking and configuration management reports to name a few. The consultants assigned to your company will monitor your database activity and provide recommendations on a daily basis.

DBA Pro is designed to free up your Production DBAs to work on core issues that require business-specific corporate database knowledge such as schema and code change review, new feature deployment, configuration planning and backup and recovery testing. As a result, DBA Pro will reduce your database administration costs by 35 to 50%.

For more information about how we can help you, contact Dianne Vernon at 888-648-0500 ext. 46 or via email at dvernon@dbspecialists.com. You can also learn more about our remote DBA service offerings by visiting http://dbspecialists.wpengine.com/dbapro.html

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