June 2002

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June 2002
A monthly newsletter for Oracle users
from Database Specialists, a consulting firm
specializing in Oracle technology

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Proactive Oracle Storage Management – A Method For Predictable System Performance

Gaja Krishna Vaidyanatha of Quest Software Inc. is consistently a top-rated speaker at Oracle-related conferences. At the International Oracle Users Group conference in San Diego earlier this year, he presented a great session on Oracle storage management.”The complexity of enterprise storage management, and its interaction and dependencies on Oracle systems, presents a non-trivial problem to define, scope and manage,” writes Vaidyanatha.

In the white paper that accompanied his technical session, Vaidyanatha discusses Proactive Oracle Storage Management (POSM), which addresses the relevant configuration and management issues that confront all DBAs in an Oracle environment. The paper goes on to provide a set of storage best practices for dealing with various storage-centric issues within an Oracle environment. Vaidyanatha writes that, “The ultimate goal that POSM strives to achieve is to provide proactive guidelines to manage storage-related performance issues before they become tuning problems in a production environment.” To read this excellent paper, check out http://www.quest.com/whitepapers/Proactive_Oracle_Stor_Mgmt_Gaja.pdf.
Learn From the Masters

The 2002 University Master Classes are here! The International Oracle Users Group organizes these classes for DBAs of all levels. Experts in the industry teach the essentials every beginner must know and the advanced techniques every DBA desires.

New for this year, the University Master Classes are offered over four days in a modular format designed for maximum flexibility. The next course offering begins July 29 in Boston. You can mix and match modules based on your individual skill level.
OracleWorld Call for Presentations

Sharing your knowledge with the Oracle community is a great way to build your reputation and perfect your presentation skills. OracleWorld is now making a call for presentations for the conference to be held November 10-15 in San Francisco. Among other benefits, accepted presenters receive complimentary registration at the conference. If you are interested in presenting at OracleWorld, you can get more information at http://www.oracle.com/oracleworld/sanfrancisco/conference/index.html. Presentation proposals must be submitted by July 19, 2002.

Online Resources at DBAZine

If you’re looking for some additional online resources, check out the Oracle channel at DBAZine. You’ll find a monthly newsletter with numerous articles from Oracle experts. A few of June’s topics include:

  • “Oracle Expert Tuning Secrets,” by Don Burleson
  • “Do You Know Who is Accessing Your Data?” by Eric Yen
  • “A Beginners Guide to the Oracle Data Dictionary” by David C. Kreines

View these articles, plus a lot of other helpful resources at http://www.dbazine.com/ch_oracle.html.
Forms Tuning Techniques

Application tuning typically consists of identifying slow-running SQL statements. However, when you use Oracle Forms, there are many other considerations as well. Peter Koletzke, popular author and Technical Director/Principal Instructor at Quovera, gave a presentation on this subject at a recent Northern California Oracle Users Group conference.

In his presentation, “Forms Tuning Techniques — Users Will Sing Your Praise,” Koletzke explained techniques you can use to make your forms run faster and more efficiently. He provided an explanation of special properties and PL/SQL coding techniques that enhance performance and reduce network traffic. Since “the Internet changes everything,” specific tuning techniques for web-deployed forms are also discussed. He also included an overview of how to benchmark performance before and after tuning.

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