February 2003

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February 2003
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Ask Tom About Oracle

If you’ve got a tough Oracle question, try the popular “Ask Tom” feature on Oracle’s website. Thomas Kyte, author and Oracle expert, has been writing this enjoyable and informative column for years. You can submit your questions directly to Tom, as well as search an archive of previously-asked questions on topics including: Unix on Windows

  • Database administration
  • Application development
  • Oracle9i specific issues
  • Java and JDBC

Check out Ask Tom at http://asktom.oracle.com. You can also view online presentations and frequently asked questions at http://asktom.oracle.com/~tkyte.


AT&T Research has developed a package called UWIN. We haven’t tried it yet, but it sure looks promising. UWIN provides a mechanism for building and running Unix applications on the Windows platform with few, if any, changes necessary. The website outlines that the UWIN package contains the following three elements: Oracletool for Your Toolbox

  • Libraries that provide a Unix operating system by implementing the Unix Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Include files and development tools such as cc, yacc, lex, and make.
  • Korn Shell and over 250 utilities such as ls, sed, cp, and stty.

Most of the UWIN utilities are based on the AT&T open source utilities that are portable across virtually all systems and are based on the POSIX and X/Open standards. For more information, check out http://www.research.att.com/sw/tools/uwin.


Here is another tool that might be worth checking out. It’s called Oracletool and it is an interactive, web based application that runs as a CGI script using your web server. According to the website, “one advantage of Oracletool over non web-based tools is that nothing needs to be installed on the client side machine. All you need to use Oracletool, once installed, is a web browser. Oracletool can be a very handy addition to your toolbox. Because Oracletool is server based, it doesn’t matter where you are.” You can use Oracletool to review various areas of your database and perform troubleshooting activities. Free Half-day Consultation From Database Specialists

In addition, any scripts or information you store in “MyOracletool” are accessible from anywhere. For more information and to see a live demo, check out the website at http://www.oracletool.com.


Database Specialists, Inc. has focused on delivering cost-effective Oracle database management solutions since 1996. We are fortunate to employ the top talent in this space led by Roger Schrag who was designated as one of the prestigious “Oracles of Oracle.” All of our certified Oracle experts have over ten years of Oracle experience. Database Specialists, Inc. offers a full suite of Oracle consulting services as well as our popular remote database support service called DBA Pro.

In order to introduce San Francisco Bay Area companies to our DBA Pro services, the Database Specialists team is offering select companies a free half-day consultation. If you are grappling with a sticky Oracle database issue – performance, design, back-up and recovery strategies, or upgrade questions – we are here to help.

We will come to your site (within the San Francisco Bay Area) for four hours of free consulting. This is an exclusive test-drive offer for The Specialist readers and new clients only. Your appointment will be subject to our schedule and availability.

We are the Oracle resource you can depend on, and we want to help you be successful with your Oracle-based systems. Please visit http://dbspecialists.wpengine.com to learn more about Database Specialists, or contact Dianne Vernon at dvernon@dbspecialists.com or at 1-888-648-0500 ext. 46 to request your free half-day consultation.

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