February 2001

The Specialist
Database News You Can UseFebruary 2001
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from Database Specialists, a consulting firm
specializing in Oracle technology
In this issue:

The Basics of Oracle Multimaster Replication

Multimaster replication is an Oracle database feature that allows you to keep the data in multiple databases synchronized without coding special logic into your applications. Database Specialists consultant Brian Keating has had the opportunity to work with Oracle’s multimaster replication offering, both in synchronous and asynchronous replication modes.

His extensive white paper, “The Basics of Oracle Multimaster Replication,” provides an overview of multimaster replication: what it is and how it works. But perhaps the most valuable part of the paper is the second section in which Brian discusses common pitfalls encountered with multimaster replication and how to work around them. 

Perl Proves To Be Quite A Gem

At last month’s DBA Roundtable at Database Specialists, consultant Jay Stanley led a presentation on perl and its value for Oracle DBAs and developers. Perl is a powerful, free, cross-platform scripting language that helps you complete all sorts of tasks quickly. With the DBI:DBD module, your perl scripts can access an Oracle database. At http://www.cpan.org, you’ll find a vast library of perl modules available for you to download and use right away. Using already written modules lets you build scripts, tools, and applications very quickly.

As a DBA, you might find perl useful for loading flat file data into an Oracle database, monitoring databases, or collecting database performance statistics–just to name a few uses.

Jay recommends some great websites for those looking to learn more about perl:

Can’t get enough of perl? Be sure to check out the O’Reilly book: “Perl Cookbook” by Tom Christiansen and Nathan Torkington.

NoCOUG Website Launch

Recently, the Northern California Oracle Users Group (NoCOUG) launched its new website. The new site features an entirely new look with easier navigation. New features include recent technical presentations ready for download on topics such as locally managed tablespaces and attaining high availability using Veritas Cluster Server.

Learn about upcoming meetings and membership benefits. You’ll also find a page with links to plenty of Oracle resource sites and Oracle Users Group sites from around the world. Check it out at http://www.nocoug.org.

Welcome New Client Livemind

We are excited to be working with Livemind, Inc., a San Francisco based company. Livemind is a mobile commerce software infrastructure provider that enables wireless service providers to quickly and cost effectively deploy mobile commerce services. Livemind was founded in 1999 and picked by Red Herring Venture 2000 last April as one of the “Top 10 to Watch.”

To learn more about Livemind, visit http://www.livemind.com.

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