April 2001

The Specialist
Database News You Can UseApril 2001
A monthly newsletter for Oracle users
from Database Specialists, a consulting firm
specializing in Oracle technology
In this issue:

Popular Oracle Install Guides for Solaris and Linux

Be sure to check out the latest versions of our always-popular Oracle installation guides. We’ve updated our step-by-step guides for Oracle8i Release 3 (version 8.1.7) for both Solaris and Linux. These guides help you install Oracle software and get a database up and running quickly, while following best practices and leveraging techniques for scalability and reliability.

Keep Yourself Up-to-Date on Known Oracle Security Weaknesses

From time to time, Oracle users discover weaknesses in the security model of Oracle products. These faults could allow a hacker or malicious coworker to cause serious damage to your Oracle systems and your business.

For example, performing a “Typical” install of Oracle 8.1.5 on Solaris or Linux could create a security hole that allows users at the operating system level to gain root privileges on the server. A separate security weakness in Enterprise Manager 2.0.4 and 2.1 leaves your SYSDBA password in a temporary file on the database server after each backup job runs.

When Oracle Corporation learns of new security exploits, they post bulletins on their website and release emergency patches so that the exploit can be eliminated as soon as possible. You can see a list of current security alerts on the Oracle Technology Network website at http://technet.oracle.com/deploy/security/alerts.htm, and you can download patches from Metalink at http://metalink.oracle.com.

More Oracle Resources at Your Fingertips

In last month’s edition of The Specialist, we listed a few Oracle reference websites to check out. We’ve got a few more to share with you.

Tuning Applications – Practical Knowledge for DBAs and Developers

Database Specialists’ president, Roger Schrag, will present a technical session on tuning applications at the International Oracle Users Group – Americas’ Conference taking place from April 29 to May 3 in Orlando. Even if you’re not attending the conference, you can read the white paper at http://dbspecialists.wpengine.com/4dbas/present.html#explain_and_tkprof.

The paper provides an overview of the EXPLAIN PLAN and TKPROF functions built into the Oracle server and demonstrates how developers and DBAs use these tools to get the best performance out of their applications. It’s titled, “Use EXPLAIN PLAN and TKPROF to Tune Your Applications” and provides many real-life examples so that you’ll come away with as much practical knowledge as possible.

To learn more about the conference, visit the IOUG-A website at http://www.ioug.org.

Next NoCOUG Meeting: May 16, 2001

Don’t miss the next Northern California Oracle Users Group meeting! It will be on Wednesday, May 16, 2001 at Lockheed Martin in Sunnyvale. There will be three parallel sessions focusing on database administration, application development and data warehousing.

There are interesting sessions lined up for the day such as: “Tuning Database Locks and Latches” and “Components of a Successful Data Warehouse.” You can read the informative synopses on the NoCOUG website at http://www.nocoug.org.

If you can’t attend, be sure to check the NoCOUG website after the meeting date to download some of the presentations.

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