Oracle Remote Database Monitoring Tools

In addition to our hands-on work, we use an extensive set of custom-built monitoring tools called Database Rx to monitor the health of your database systems via our remote DBA service. Database Rx provides secure, automated monitoring and analysis of your Oracle databases. It is the foundation for our Oracle remote DBA services. Our DBA team uses these tools to monitor your database systems, proactively manage performance and growth, and keep your systems highly available. You receive real-time notification of performance, stability, and scalability issues before they compromise performance or result in expensive downtime.

Many powerful and easily customizable reports are available with our remote DBA service. These reports provide current and historical information in areas such as alerts and events, database growth, tablespace size, high resource SQL, instance activity, performance ratios, wait events, and redo log activity. All of this information is stored in our Performance Portal. As a client, you can securely access this portal at any time to view past database reviews, track performance history, and administer portal access for others in your organization.

Following is a sample of a database growth report. For more sample reports, you can log in to Database Rx as a guest user and browse the reports by clicking here.

Oracle Remote Database Monitoring Tools

Security and Technology

Our monitoring tools and remote access policies are developed to fit in with your system security and firewall integrity. There is no need to provide remote access to your database to an outsider. The Database Rx agent runs from a severely restricted operating system account and connects to your database with very limited privileges. The agent has read-only access to your data dictionary, and no access whatsoever to your application data. Data is transmitted from your server to the Performance Portal via encrypted email. Because all data transfer to the Performance Portal is initiated on your server, you are in complete control, and your system security and integrity are maintained. (You may optionally grant us remote access via secure shell or any number of popular VPN systems as your company policy dictates.)

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Automated Oracle Database Monitoring and Alert Notification for Our DBA Pro Clients

All our DBA Pro clients have access to Database Rx®. Along with our DBA Pro team, you and your staff can use Database Rx to receive real-time notification of performance, stability, and scalability issues before they compromise database performance or result in expensive downtime. Database Rx also provides management reporting for capacity planning, performance tracking, and configuration management.

  • Download our Database Rx Brochure in .PDF format. (133k) If you require, please download the free Adobe Acrobat Viewer.
  • Log in to Database Rx as a guest for a demo.
  • or for a more in-depth discussion on Oracle remote DBA tools and methodologies and how Database Rx® is used by Database Specialists in supporting our remote DBA customers please download our white paper on a Comparison of Proactive Monitoring methods for Oracle Databases – A guide to Database Rx.

How it works
The Database Rx agent, which you install on your database server, is lightweight and non-invasive. It acts as a collector to gather and upload performance data to the Database Rx Performance Portal for processing. You schedule when the agent runs. (We recommend a basic “ping” every five minutes and full performance data collection once every hour.) Data received at the Performance Portal is analyzed immediately and alerts are created based on detected problems or issues that could lead to problems. You control when alerts generate alpha-pages, email messages, or no notification at all. You can easily customize alert notifications and share responsibility among your database group.

A proactive approach
Database Rx reviews the general health of your database and recommends proactive activities and courses of action to help you manage your database. It also organizes activities based on priority, which helps your team avoid outages and plan their time. The built-in recommendations have been developed by the most senior Oracle DBAs on our team, and they provide a short-cut to learning for junior staff.

Database Rx Performance Portal

This central repository allows you to review current and past alerts and access reports from any location. Multiple users can share access to common databases for a team environment. The Performance Portal also allows you to compare historical data to aid in capacity planning, budgeting, anticipating future demands on your system, and detecting trends. It also provides a history of configuration changes. All data collected by the instance monitoring agent is available for 12 months, along with all alerts history. HTTPS and password protection keep your data secure.

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System Requirements

Requirements for databases to be monitored: 

  • Oracle 7.3 and later
  • The database may run on any platform supported by Oracle Corporation

Requirements for platform where Database Rx agent will be installed: 

  • Sun Solaris for SPARC, or HP-UX, or Intel Linux (For Windows Environments we supply a Database Rx(r) Appliance running Linux)
  • Oracle 7.3 or later Oracle client software including SQL*Plus
  • Able to send email to the Database Rx Performance Portal