Protect the Core of Your Technology Infrastructure—Protect Your Oracle Database

A Better Approach

Data acquisition, storage, analysis, and retrieval requirements have exploded in recent years. This explosion is placing a heavy burden on companies to ensure data integrity, high availability, and scalability. With data being central to every business decision, the Oracle database is at the core of the technology infrastructure and it must be protected around the clock.

With an understaffed and overstretched IT Department, the potential for burnout is at an all-time high while the demand for qualified DBAs is on the rise.

Finding the right level of expertise, support, and cost-effectiveness for database administration is an ongoing challenge for any company using Oracle technology. We have found that the myriad of technology and business issues are all too often forcing IT executives to either:

(a)   Dedicate one or more high-priced and experienced Oracle database administrator(s) (DBAs) to the system; or

(b)   Assign an inexperienced staff member as a part-time DBA.

Many IT executives are now considering a third option—

(c) Partner with a firm that specializes in Remote Database Administration (Remote DBA) or managed services.

Vendors and customers generally view Remote DBA services as outsourcing a core service. Database Specialists views this type of service as “Resourcing.” Our intent and approach is substantially different than Outsourcing. Outsourcing is where you often relinquish control and day-to-day responsibility of your database systems to a third party provider. With Resourcing, we are acting as your resource partner—an additional resource and extension of your technical team.

There are many benefits to partnering with a Remote DBA firm.  But it is also equally important to select the right provider.

By developing a partnership with a well-respected Remote DBA services firm, you can augment your team with a firm that provides you with the services of highly qualified, certified, and hands-on Oracle professionals. These technical experts work side-by-side with your staff in any number of capacities such as part-time, high demand/overflow, vacation, and full-time. Just as with full-time employees, the right partner working with your company gets to know your team, mission, clients, and IT infrastructure. They focus on what they do best—maximizing availability and performance while guiding your organization on database, technical, and strategic issues.  Read about other benefits of partnering with a Remote DBA provider in our next section.

About Database Specialists

Since 1995, Database Specialists has been providing Oracle database consulting and remote DBA support in Solaris, HP-UX, Linux, AIX, and Windows environments through our DBA Pro service offering. We are committed to educating Oracle users and the broader IT community on how to best manage their Oracle production environments. In addition to this document, we have numerous presentations, tutorials, and scripts available without obligation throughout our website.

Our Oracle DBAs have 10+ years of hands-on experience. Many of them are featured speakers at OracleOpenWorld and the Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG). They frequently publish white papers and technical articles in publications such as SELECT Magazine, Oracle Magazine, the NoCOUG Journal as well as our own Monthly Publication – The Specialist (here). Our dedication to knowledge sharing has been acclaimed by IOUG through SELECT Magazine.

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