Oracle Remote Database Management Services

Three Support Levels Available to Meet Your Needs:

Every customer’s environments and needs are different. Database Pro offers three different levels of support, all of which help keep manage your database and keep it performing in top form. Below I have listed the programs and have included links to examples of what we look for in our reviews using our proprietary remote DBA portal and agent – Database Rx® which is included in all our plans.

Monthly Review – We monitor the database on a 24/7 basis and give the customer a detailed report monthly. It includes 2 hours of remote DBA support that can be used for anything related to Oracle. It is not proactive, but the customer can call us during business hours to handle any issues that might arise in terms of the databases performance. This is a good option for a smaller database and one that is fairly static. For an example of our monthly review please click on this link.

Daily Review, Business hours – Again we monitor the database on a 24/7 basis and give the customer a daily review of what is going on with the database. It includes 5 hours of remote DBA support and can be used for anything related to Oracle. It is proactive (see the following) and gives the customer coverage during business hours.  This is a good option for a mission critical database or one that has changes occurring to it on a regular basis. For an example of what we look at every day when doing a daily review click on this link.

Daily Review 24/7 coverage – This is the same as our business hours support but it gives pager coverage after hours with a guaranteed 1 hour response time. It is the option chosen for a mission critical database that can’t have an outage that is not addressed after hours.  We use the same data in doing 24/7 remote DBA support that we use in our Business hours option.

As part of the DBA Pro service we install our Database Rx® agent which checks the database every 5 minutes for connectivity and to assure its basic functions. Every hour the agent does a more thorough check, gathering a significant amount of metadata about the database, and sending to our server for analysis. The analysis engine on our server checks over 100 different areas, including free space in tablespaces, size and number of segments, ability of segments to extend, ability of log archiving to keep up, system metrics approaching parameter limits, resource-intensive queries, broken or failed jobs, users with inappropriate defaults, and many, many more. If any of the tests performed results in values outside desired thresholds (for instance, less than 10% free space in a tablespace) we are alerted by email or pager (depending on the severity of the alert).

As far as alerting for both business hours and 24/7 coverage, we have 5 Severity levels. Sev 1 is a down or not fully functioning database. Sev 2 consists of items which are likely to lead to Sev 1s or data entry/update problems (such as a full tablespace). Sev 3 items are either items that may lead to Sev 2s or items that may affect performance (such as high resource SQL), and sometimes informational items that may or may not be serious depending on details of the alert. Sev 4 and Sev 5 items are generally informational items, often related to best practices, some of which can prevent serious issues. You can choose to be alerted through email and/or paging for different Severity levels. We generally are paged for Sev 1 and Sev 2 items and get emails for all severities.
For Daily Reviews, we use the Database Rx® Performance Portal to see if there have been any alerts since the last Daily Review. If there have been any alerts, we investigate them and report them to you. You are also welcome to log into the Performance Portal to see what we see, as well as a history of alerts and database information, such as database growth, wait events, redo log activity, high resource SQL, etc

One of the primary differentiations between Database Specialists and other remote DBA providers are our tools (see next section).  While there are a number of monitoring tools available commercially, most of these fall short in terms of assisting a DBA in doing their job more efficiently.  Database Rx®, Database Specialists tool and portal go a long way to bridge that gap as well as control costs. We have prepared a white paper on Oracle remote DBA tools and methodologies where we discuss Databse Rx® and other proactive tools available in the market today.  Beyond just the tools we also discuss the methodology that we use in our remote DBA practice and how that differs from other approaches using commercially available tools.

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