Oracle 12c Multitenancy

As you probably already know, Oracle 12c (the latest version of the database) has a Multitenant feature available as an additional Enterprise Edition cost option. This allows one “container” database to run multiple “pluggable” databases.   Pluggable and Container Databases I’ll be referencing the terms “PDB” and “CDB” a lot in the article, so it’s probably […]

An Introduction to Database Services

Recently, I spoke to a client who wanted to separate users into distinct groups in one of their customer-facing databases.  The client wanted to measure each group’s resource consumption so they could start to move to an “on-demand” business model and wanted to prevent one group from consuming excessive amounts of database resources at the […]

Moving to a Cloud Vendor

The cloud has developed rapidly over the past few years, and with it a growing number of increasingly robust cloud-based services have arisen alongside it. This in turn has led many companies to consider a switch to cloud services. However, since cloud systems are still a new and emerging field, it has proven challenging for […]

Remote DBA Management and Protection

Securing company data has always been important, but it wasn’t until the past few years that the true cost of failing to do so really came to light. From recent news about Sony being hacked, to Target and the Home Depot having their servers hacked a few years ago. So, when you’re thinking about the […]

DBA 3.0 or “How to Become a Real-World Exadata DBA”

I will be presenting DBA 3.0 or “How to Become a Real-World Exadata DBA” at Collaborate 2015 – IOUG’s annual user conference – from April 12th to 16th at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. DBA resources are probably more scarce than ever before and it can be very difficult to spend […]