Managing Database Load

Introduction One of the most common issues with Oracle databases that result in major business issues happen when database resources are overwhelmed with work. When this happens, some or all of the following can happen: Response time can increase to the point where no SQL operations are completing from any connected sessions, The database and […]

Where’s My AWR in 11g?

Happy Valentines Day! Many DBAs are aware that the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) including Active Session History (ASH) is only available to users licensed for Enterprise Edition with the Diagnostic Pack.  This is invaluable data for conducting performance tuning based on recent historical data but off limits unless you are properly licensed.  Those 10g users […]

DatabaseRX – Initial Impressions Part 2

As an implementer of commercial and open source database monitoring tools I find DatabaseRX has capabilities that clearly differentiate it from the rest of the market: Scalability – hundreds of databases and instances can be added with trivial monitoring overhead, due in part to a highly normalized data model, message based architecture and modular design […]

Standard Practices

  Most Oracle professionals who focus on performance optimization are familiar with Method-R, which Cary Millsap tirelessly promotes.  Briefly stated, this method focuses on a specific process which is not performing satisfactorily.  We trace the process and see precisely what the process is doing.   We recently had a problem in which client connections were […]