Using OpenOffice Base with Oracle

Introduction Recently, I was doing some work with OpenOffice (OO), and I noticed a part of OO that I wasn’t aware of – the Base database. Base is similar to Microsoft Access, though it of course lacks some features and polish. It does come with the ability to interact with several different databases, the Oracle RDBMS among them. […]

Notes from 2012 Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group Training Days – Day 2

This is an excellent conference held yearly in Denver, a relatively short trip for me but well worth traveling to if you’re so inclined. While listening to another facinating talk by Jonathan Lewis today called “Single Table Access Paths” he shared a sidebar thought that seemed worth passing on. The talk essentially described various methods […]

Where’s My AWR in 11g?

Happy Valentines Day! Many DBAs are aware that the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) including Active Session History (ASH) is only available to users licensed for Enterprise Edition with the Diagnostic Pack.  This is invaluable data for conducting performance tuning based on recent historical data but off limits unless you are properly licensed.  Those 10g users […]

The often-overlooked PCTFREE property for tables and indexes

Why databases aren’t really fast When most Oracle databases are inspected to see exactly what they are doing, most often it is disk I/O access. Databases read and write a lot of data, and because magnetic drive technology is slow, often the database spends a majority of its time waiting for disk read/write requests to […]