An Introduction to Database Services

Recently, I spoke to a client who wanted to separate users into distinct groups in one of their customer-facing databases.  The client wanted to measure each group’s resource consumption so they could start to move to an “on-demand” business model and wanted to prevent one group from consuming excessive amounts of database resources at the […]

Just the basics; Upgrading the Oracle RDBMS

Introduction This is the first installment of a series of shorter whitepapers that just cover the basics of a particular aspect of the Oracle RDBMS. The first one is on the subject of upgrading Oracle. After doing literally hundreds of Oracle RDBMS upgrades and patches over the past 18 years, these are my recommendations. Why […]

RAC Attack – Installing a 2-node RAC Database on Your Laptop

Terry Sutton and I recently had the pleasure of volunteering at a session of 12cR1 “RAC Attack” lab held at the November Conference of the North California Oracle Users Group (NoCOUG). Jimmy Brock from NoCOUG also volunteered and we had several other experts drop by and help out. For those of you unfamiliar with a […]

crsstat in Oracle 11g doesn’t show the instances

If you are familiar with Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) on 10g, you have likely seen output from crsstat that looks something like this.  This is from a two node RAC cluster.  Notice that each instance is listed (RACDB1 and RACDB3) as well as the database itself (RACDB).   [oracle@node15 ~]$ crsstat HA Resource                                   […]

A Sanity Check for External Redundancy

As with any DBA my days are filled with what seem to be unrelated tasks to the profession – writing reports, attending meetings, installing releases, planning capacity, answering alerts, patching binaries and  running upgrades.  It is easy to forget three things I should be focusing on as a remote DBA: Security Availability Performance Some aspects of these […]