An introduction to emacs SQLi mode

Introduction Early in my career, when I was first introduced to Unix, my mentor at the time recommended that I use a text editor called emacs, but also learn how to use vi as well. I personally like both editors, but I prefer emacs for coding. Over the decades, I’ve continued to use emacs; I […]

postgreSQL, mysql, and Oracle

Although my main interest is in the venerable Oracle database as database administrator and as a programmer over the past 17 years or so, at the same time I have been following along with the progress of the various open-source databases as well with quite a keen interest. The two that I’ve been mainly following […]

Installing 11g Grid Control on Linux

I recently installed Oracle Grid Control 11g on my linux workstation. Below are the steps that I went through to get it working.  Prior to installing Control, I had already installed Grid Infrastructure and Oracle Database and created a database to be used as the Grid Control repository. Step 1) Download the Grid Control […]

Upgrading Grid Infrastructure and ASM from to (and a bit about Oracle Restart)

My initial goal was simply to create a test ASM environment on my PC running Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 and Oracle Database The first step was easy…download and install Grid Infrastructure This went without a problem until I ran the ASM Configuration Assistant (asmca) and realized that ASM couldn’t see any available disks/partitions/raw […]