Best Practices for Backing up Your Database

It’s almost the end of the workday and the employees are cranking out the last of the reports when every computer screen in the office goes dark. Some employees are checking the CPU connections while others are tapping on keyboards to see if something happens. When the database finally comes back online, there are large […]

Duplicating an 11gR2 Oracle database with no connection to the target

One of the new Backup and Recovery features of Oracle 11g Release 2 (11gR2) is the ability to duplicate a database without connecting to the target database. In RMAN terminology, the “target” database is the one you wish to duplicate. In this case, the only requirement is that you provide a disk backup location where […]

Don’t Fall Into This RMAN Trap

Have you found that daily full database backups are becoming impractical for your growing databases?  Incremental backups are no longer the exception in some shops.  But with the increased complexity comes a greater responsibility for thoroughly planning and testing your backup solution.  Testing a more complicated backup solution makes for a more complicated validation procedure.  […]

Jump start your Datapump export job with this script

Every DBA should include Datapump, Oracle’s cross-platform data migration utility, in his toolbox, especially since the legacy export utility is slated for obsolescence.  Datapump expdp has a variety of uses, from database upgrades to QA refreshes and logical backups.  A great place to start is with this script which has everything you need to do […]