Potential Benefits of Remote DBA Support

Remote DBA services offer substantial technical and business benefits (see below). Example technical benefits include:

Technical Benefits   Description of Benefit of Remote DBA Support
Improve uptime, system availability, and performance Enable 24×7 coverage of your mission-critical database systems.

Identify problems requiring immediate attention and changes that may require future attention.

Suggest ways to scale and improve your IT infrastructure with approaches, processes, and technology.

Broaden your resources with

access to outside expertise, training, and tools

Help reduce time to complete tasks due to the high level of expertise provided.

Transfer knowledge to your staff with constant communication.

Use state-of-the-art monitoring tools and processes without buying and implementing software products internally.

Offer professional development, mentoring, and training to your team.

Proactively manage your database 24×7 systems monitoring with regular reviews and reports to manage and maintain your databases.

Collect database metrics to allow for accurate trend analysis and capacity planning efforts.

Avoid performance issues with proactive problem solving

Access to senior DBAs Increase depth of coverage with highly qualified, certified, and hands-on Oracle DBAs that average 10+ years.

Augment the capabilities and technical depth of your IT team.

Table 2: Technical benefits of choosing the right Remote DBA Resourcing partner


The Right Remote DBA Service Provider Delivers Peace of Mind

As meeting business demands solely in-house has become increasingly challenging, IT executives are looking to Remote DBA specialists to augment their staff or to take over full administration with 24×7 support.

Remote DBA services have shown themselves to be cost-effective while offering solid business value to an organization, provided that you select the right provider.  Example business benefits include:

Business Benefits   Description of Benefit of Remote DBA Support
Save money Provide cost-effective DBA coverage, with savings of up to 65% over in-house staffing.
Accelerate problem resolution and minimize downtime Allows focus on the database and its role in your infrastructure. DBA responds rapidly and resolves open issues in a timely manner

Enables the DBA to be more proactive in finding solutions and preventing problems before they turn into costly expenses.

Control expenses and headcount Reduce downtime, increase performance, and decrease likelihood of needing additional consulting/support in the future.

Help smaller IT departments who need to augment their teams with additional and part-time support.

Cost savings over having full-time onsite employees, while increasing expertise and coverage

Reduce training costs as your resourcing partner provides this via mentoring Ramp up and ramp down based on your levels of support as your projects dictate

More effective workload management Protect against sick days, vacation, and employee turnover.

Manager better workload fluctuation, with additional resources available when you need 24/7 coverage.

Decrease the burden on existing staff Offload day-to-day tasks to allow existing IT and DBA staff to focus on issues requiring specific business knowledge.

Minimize need for consultants by freeing up internal staff to work on business projects.

Enhance morale and reduce turnover by returning your IT team members to their original roles and responsibilities.

Table 3: Business benefits of choosing the right Remote DBA partner

With the rise in popularity of Remote DBA services, vendor selection has become more critical than ever. The number of companies that claim expertise in Remote DBA services is expanding rapidly, both on and offshore, creating a wider gap in the quality of service provided.