Backup DBA Services

Do you find that it is difficult to take vacation?
Do you need some relief from 24/7 support?
Do you want to team with some very experienced DBAs to gain knowledge or solve problems?

Then you want our Backup DBA service! Call us today Toll-Free: 1-888-648-0500 x525 :: Local Tel: (415) 344-0500 x525

Backup DBA ServicesDatabase Specialists is a reputable company located in the USA with the technical acumen to support any type of projects. Our clients remain with us in the lon-term and our White Papers are widely popular among the community.

This is offered in tandem with our DBA Pro service and allows you the peace of mind that your database is not only monitored 24/7 but you have an experienced team of DBAs available when the workload or your schedule demands it. We consider this the remote DBA Services for the DBA Professional.

There are several different levels of support available which can be tailored to your specific needs. Since this service includes Database Rx® you may want to learn more about our tools here.